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Self Catered and pop up parties


Long established as a popular choice, this deal allows you to cater specifically for your party guests yet enjoy the fun away from home and we clean up afterwards.

This package includes two activities between laser tag play, arcade games (12 tokens per child per session) or mini golf.

Self catered parties are held only on Saturday and Sundays.


Self-catered party includes
  • Party room or tables (based on availability)
  • 2 Jugs water and 2 jugs of cordial
  • table ware
  • cleaning and disposing of rubbish. Guests having pizzas must take all pizza boxes with them. 

You are welcome to provide your own birthday cake.

One parent/guardian of the birthday child plays each activity free.  Other parents and guests can join the game at a cost of $6.00 per person per laser tag or arcade activity or $4 for mini golf.

The duration of the party area/room is 1 hour and 45 minutes.

Our staff will be cleaning the area at that time to prepare for the next party. See our Party Info and rules page for more detail.

See our Party Extras page for more added value to include in your party.

Social distance / COVID-19

Our party bookings are impacted temporarily. Refer to our Party Info and rules page and COVID-19 page for more information.