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Zone Laser Tag Albury is a major supporter for any charity and not for profit organisations such as a schools, sporting clubs, charity groups, religious groups, community organisations and workplace social clubs looking to raise funds.

We have several dynamic options supporting your group to raise funds with more than twelve weekly booking time slots available. Consider booking a regular spot through the calendar year to continually raise funds for your group.


Fundraiser packages available
  • Laser tag hourly booking
  • Full complex package
  • 3hr Unlimited laser tag play
  • Laser tag game books 

Our fundraising options are simple and perfect for your group to socialise together within our entertainment venue and make a few bucks to add towards your group’s social funds.


Fundraising package details

Laser tag hourly booking $295/hr.

Suggested ticket deals:

  • 27 guests x $8 per 15 minute game x 3 games per hour = $648 revenue or
  • 27 guests x $6 per 10 minute game x 4 games per hour = $648 revenue

Maximum fundraising profit - $353 for the hour

Full complex hourly booking $435/hr (ideal for two or three hour bookings)

suggested ticket deal:

  • 54 guests x $20 per person = $1080 revenue

Full complex includes unlimited:

  • laser tag 10-minute games
  • mini golf and
  • video arcade games only.  (prize and redemption machines not included)
  • Suggested fundraising profit - $645 for the hour

3 hour Unlimited laser tag play  $695 total cost.

Closed or open event, you choose.  Open means that you allow public to play laser tag with your group.  Any laser tag games fees they pay, you collect it all. 

Games are 10 minute duration enabling several games to be played. This caters to a large group of guests allowing a fairer opportunity to all have laser tag games.  

Recommended to charge guests $20 - $25 per person and encourage 50 – 80 guests to participate.

Suggested fundraising profit - $805 for the package (60 guests @ $25 each)


Laser tag play and fairness

Based on your package choice, we can allocate even number of laser tag game cards to each guest to allow them all an equal opportunity to play laser tag.


For booking enquiries and further details email us This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will send you an outline of the proposal that we are sure you will agree is a much better option to some of the old ideas to raise money, and can be achieved in an evening of fun for everyone.

We have had many successful fundraising events and are always happy to help our local community in their endeavours.

COVID-19 and social distancing. Be mindful, we can allow up to 120 guests be in our venue areas.