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    NSW Active Kids


Zone Laser Tag Albury is a registered Provider with the NSW Office of Sport

$100 vouchers are available for all NSW school children to use towards costs of sport activities.


Enjoy playing laser tag differently

Join one of our weekly junior leagues now.

Zone Laser Tag Albury operates structured laser tag leagues and coaching programs.


Our junior leagues, from ages 7+, include a structured coaching program educating awareness on several laser tag skills. Increase your defensive and offensive game to score higher than you are now.


The Active Kids vouchers are aligned to our junior league competition. Eligible NSW school aged children can use their vouchers to cover the cost of their term frees.

Term fees are $120 for ten weeks plus $10 yearly membership.  Pay only $30 when you use your voucher.


Refer to Active Kids information for parents  for more information about the State Government program.