Conditional free participation

At Zone Laser Tag Albury know and understand the important work and responsibilities carers and staff do with their customers and students.


Free activities

Educators and Community Group managers are welcome to try our activities free, for the purpose to test and review our activities to gauge curriculum learning or school fitness or extracurricular activities.  This is to be arranged by prior appointment.


For students or your customers participating in our activities, to enable proper and due care for your customers, being present during activities is integral. At Zone Laser Tag Albury, we acknowledge and recognise that. We encourage staff to actively participate with your group. We acknowledge that whilst staff/carers are participating with their group, their game could be interrupted whilst they attend the needs of their customers which is a key reason there is no charge for their games.

Qualifying for free participation for any day of the week extends to:

  • school teachers,
  • Companion carers,
  • OOSH and vacation care staff, and
  • Community group supervisors/staff.


Free activities include:

  • Laser Tag
  • Mini Golf


During 2020, more activities are being added to our venue so regularly check this page to know what events qualify.

If your role or profession has not been mentioned and you feel you should be include, please contact us to discuss your situation.