Laser Tag

Playing Laser tag is a low impact cardio activity and sport which is played by all ages from six years old and up. As running is prohibited in the arena during play, its a non contact sport. Laser tag is suited for all demographics and our Albury site accommodates play suited for:

  • league and competition,
  • birthday parties,
  • Out of hours School care programs
  • social event for sport, social and community groups,
  • casual play

Our arena is set for both casual and competition play so come along and enjoy a game or two. 


Standard Prices

  • 1 Game: $10pp
  • 2 Games: $16pp
  • 3 Games: $22pp

Check our specials for other laser tag game deals.


Learning skills in laser tag.

We have well designed laser tag coaching programs teaching you the basic fundamentals of solo and team play. Contact us to book into our next training group or league.