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Laser tag leagues

New leagues season commencing term 4 2020 – Recruiting now, secure your spot 


Wednesday juniors ages 7+  

4.00pm - 5.15pm. Includes a structured 10 week laser tag coaching awareness program. Recruiting now, 12 spots available

Thursday all ages

5.25pm – 6.40pm. Includes a structured 10 week laser tag coaching awareness program.  Recruiting now.

Use your Active Kids NSW Office of Sport vouchers if you are eligible. 


Create your own league.

League types can include:

  • Business v Business (just need five teams to commence a league
  • Senior leagues aged 55+ (can be daytime mid-afternoon)
  • Disability leagues (we do support all inclusion yet recognise some groups are more comfortable with specific participants) - can be daytime mid-afternoon
  • School competitions

Enquire now to commence your own league.
 Leagues can be:

  • singles from 10 – 25 participants
  • Doubles from 10 – 16 participants (5 – 8 teams)
  • Triples from 12 – 24 participants (4 – 8 teams)
  • Fours from 16 - 24 participants (4 - 6 teams)
  • Fives from 15 - 25 participants (3 - 5 teams)


Existing leagues

Wednesday Juniors ages 7+

  • 5.20pm – 6.30pm. (five teams x five players per team)  No vacancy. Register your preference for 2021 if vacancies arise
  • Competitive weekly competition, finals are played on the last week of term
  • Cost $12 per week. Use your Active Kids NSW Office of Sport vouchers. 
  • Includes Bronze Advanced coaching program.  Coaching can occur on some weeks and will include some tuition outside league times.


Graded Premier league

Wednesday Open and graded league. Ages 15+

  • 7.00pm – 9.00pm, (up to seven teams x five players per team.  Limited vacancy, Register your preference when openings arise..
  • Competitive weekly competition based on National Competition format.  Finals are played on the last week of term
  • {Players are graded at start of term. Each team has combination of all grades from A to D.
  • Cost $15 per week.


Leagues operate through the NSW school terms and a new season commences each term.

  • Register your spot now.  Vacant spots can be filled during the term.
  • Competition season aligns with NSW school term. 


League structure

  • Afternoon leagues are usually set for junior players.
  • Later 6.45 or 7.00pm time slots are usually for ages 15+ including adults
  • Many of our staff are trained to deliver these coaching programs. All coaching programs are designed by Coach Garvin. 
  • No prior league or laser tag play experience is needed. Some leagues are just for fun, others are competitive.


All abilities and skill level ok.

Register now to join a league.

Learn skills from experienced staff and advanced players who will assist your game development and consistent higher scores.


Albury Laser Tag competitions

Laser Tag is a sport with some centre's conducting league and tournament play.

There are International and National competitions being played each year. If playing Laser tag as a sport is something you want to try, contact us so we can assist your entry in this sport in a pathway suitable for you.

Come as a group or single player to be formed into a set team.

There is a yearly $10 membership fee. Membership enables you to have all your league and social games recorded in our members data base and use member entitlements..


1000 Games

When you've played 1000 games, this gets your name tagged in our arena.


Call  02 6021 5000  for more info or to register.